Sample Nurse Resume

More ideas how to right a resume. Read here, or if you looking for a special kind of nurse job interview questions, look above "Nurse Interview / Resume" to get an idea.

Jane Doe
1234 2nd Street
New York, NY 12345
United States
Mobile: 0 256 123 456
Home: 0 256 123 456

• Good knowledge of the treatment and medical practice.
• In-depth knowledge of the medical procedures.
• Strong communication skills both orally and written.
• Good teamwork skills.

Career Objective:
I want to deepen my experience as a nurse in a professional environment.

Employment History:
2011 - present:
Working as "Nurse Practitioners" at the Heaven Hospital.
Describe what you have done, for example if you worked in a team, whether you have responsibility over other nurses, etc. Do this for all your employment history.

Education / Qualifications
• Fantasy College (year, address / state etc.)

Skills Summary
Write something about your skills

• List all your skills

• List all languages you speak

Immigration / Work Status
• List your immigration and work status

Hobbies / Interests
• Write something about your hobbies and your interests

• Do you have any references, if yes list them here

Additional Certificates
• Do you have any certificates, if yes list them here