Michigan Nurse Salary Data

Average Salaries for Nursing

... in determining a nurse's salary or income. Certified Nursing Assistants make the ... being employed at a higher salary. Registered Nurses are the most common ... $77,000. The highest salary level of nursing falls under APRN (Advanced ...

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Nurse Practitioner / NP Nurse

... include clinical nursing, nurse anesthetics, psychiatric nursing and nursing midwifery. Being a nurse practitioner necessitates ... functions as a doctor. Nurse Practitioner salaries vary from a low of ...

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Certified Nursing Assistants / Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA)

... in determining a nurse's salary or earnings. Certified Nursing Assistants make the ... lowest amount. At the CNA level, the salaries ... average around $30,000 per year. This stage of nursing is ...

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Registered Nurses / RN Nurse

... terms nurse and nursing have many meanings. The word nursing itself ... and rehabilitation. Registered nurses work in hospitals, physicians ... details the salaries and areas Registered Nurses are able ... relating to this particular nursing job. Emphasize personal ...

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