Nursing Schools Tampa Area

List Of Nursing Schools

... of Tampa Bay - Florida - Jacksonville University School of Nursing ... Florida - University of Tampa - 1931 - Private - Esse quam videri ... /A - N/A Illinois - Capitol Area School of Nursing - N/A - N/A ...

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Registered Nurses / RN Nurse

... recommendations for what to expect nursing school requirements: SAT or ACT exam ... that details the salaries and areas Registered Nurses are able to find ... to 2020. Establishments in some areas of the country and in ...

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Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) / Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN)

... community college or technical vocational school. Trainees should know that ... licensed vocational nurse education. Licensed Practical Nurses or Licensed Vocational Nurses are ... Most community college and vocational schools have specific financial aid packages ...

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Nurse Practitioner / NP Nurse

... clinical nursing, nurse anesthetics, psychiatric nursing and nursing midwifery. Being a nurse practitioner ... a few nurse practitioners are skilled in a specific area of ... nursing roles "will be in high demand, particularly in medically underserved areas ...

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Average Salaries for Nursing

... Licensed Practical Nurses or Licensed Vocational Nurses are both ... year college or vocational school to improve their ... or clinic settings. Nurse Practitioners are one step ... administrative positions. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists are specialized in ...

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