Reference Letter Nursing Program

Registered Nurses / RN Nurse

... means "nursing mother", frequently referring to a wet nurse (a ... French phrase nourrice also referred to a woman who ... for the NCLEX examination, you must initially complete a nursing education program ... a four year college nursing program, gaining a Bachelors ...

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Certified Nurse Midwives / CNM Nurse

... course with a satisfactory grade, letters of professional recommendation and a ... advanced degree program. Certified Nurse Midwives supply prenatal care and delivery for expectant ... degrees in other fields. Certification for nurse midwives is implemented by the ...

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Nurse Practitioner / NP Nurse

... the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN). Supplemental licensing ... during their graduate study. These programs generally take 2-3 years ... degree program and licensure requirements prepare graduates to sit for certification ...

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Certified Nursing Assistants / Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA)

... ) provide a support structure for the swiftly growing nursing field. They have ... , you can refer back to the book. Occupation of nursing aides, orderlies ... these costs in exchange for a commitment for a specific amount of ...

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