Veterans Administration Nurse Practitioner Jobs

Nurse Practitioner / NP Nurse

... a wide variety of job settings. A nurse practitioner is a mid-level ... nurse practitioner. All four types of advanced practice nurses (nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, clinical nurse specialists, and nurse ...

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Average Salaries for Nursing

... at their job site. Licensed Practical Nurses or Licensed Vocational Nurses are ... the advanced degree category are Nurse Practitioners that are able to ... higher salaries for administrative positions. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists are specialized ...

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Nursing Degrees / Education Requirements

... the wide variety of nursing jobs in the U.S. ... learn that on the job training is what matters ... holds true for many jobs it is especially ... clinical nursing, nurse anesthetics , psychiatric nursing and nursing midwifery. Becoming a nurse practitioner requires ...

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Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) / Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN)

... particulars will apply to all nursing jobs. LPN / LVN's can become ... to check the MAR (Medical Administration Record) for every medication you ... the greatest number of new nursing jobs with home health care providers ...

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