Washington State Nurses Liscense

Certified Nursing Assistants / Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA)

... of committed individuals, including nurses, technicians, and assistants ... of a certified nursing assistant. Certified nurse assistants (CNA' ... nursing care. It is essential to know that every state ... local medical facilities especially nursing homes will publicize ...

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Average Salaries for Nursing

... greatly depending upon the nursing degree, the state a nurse might be employed ... common type of nurses in the United States. These nurses graduate from a ... four year college nursing program ...

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Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) / Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN)

... those for professional nurses; by 1945, 19 states and one territory ... accepted by their state's Board of Nursing in order for ... . After earning a nursing degree through a state-approved system, graduates ... with the Board of Nursing in that state by reaching their ...

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